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USD 310.99


*The case design sticker has been changed to white to prevent heat from sunlight.


Stronger Xbus signal, improve performance.Faster PWM signal, improve performance under PWM with 2K servo. ・


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Hybrid system whit PWM(11) and Xbus(16) output ports using DMSS 2.4GHz technology.

Dual Battery System.・Two (DMSS) RA03TL Sub Receivers included・Power switch included (E type)

A highly efficient system that monitors voltage and manages the power supply between batteries in a balanced manner to prevent biases in power consumption.

Easy Bind System




Dimensions: 2.36 x 3.54 x 0.65inches(60 x90 x 16.5mm)Weight: 4.23 oz /120 gOperating Voltage: under 12.6VModulation: DMSS 2.4GHzPWM Ports:11 XBUSPorts: 16



the transmitter needs to be Xbus A mode to operate the receiver.


16BPX PRO w/RA03TL x2 Receiver (XT60 / DEANS))

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