USD 349.99

  • SYSTEM DMSS/Computer Mixing
  • FREQUENCY 2.4GHz FH-SS Frequency hopping Spread spectrum
  • Number of channel 14 channel
  • Neutral position 1.5ms
  • Weight of the transmitter : 960g (Includes battery)


**Batteries can NOT be shipped overseas! Malaysia only.
We can ship Transmitter without Battery for overseas shipment. But please contact us before you place the order.


  • Function List

    • Dual rate & Exponential (selectable by flight mode)
    • Left & Right Dual Rate Adjustment
    • Limit Adjust (sailplane only)
    • Sub Tirm
    • Servo Reverse
    • Servo Speed
    • Program Mixing (6 mixes, Normal and Curve)
    • Timer : two options (down timer, up timer)
    • Mix Monitor
    • Servo Monitor (test function included)

    System List

    • 30 Model Memory
    • Model Copy & Model Erase
    • Type Select (3 types)
    • Model name (8 characters)
    • Flight Mode name
    • Trim System (Trim step/Trim type)
    • Stick Position Switch (2 options)
    • Trim Input Switch (4 options)
    • Stick Alert (on throttle / spoiler)
    • WARNING (custom setup)
    • TX Setting: Contrast, low battery voltage, idle alert, tone pitch, software version, stick calibration, back light setup, multi-language
    • Trainer system (2 options)
    • Bind & Range check
    • Telemetry settings: Rx battery voltage, temperature alarm, RPM sensor (gear ratio, number of props, magnet pole, delay setting, peak hold set up), no link alarm, altitude sensor, vario sensor, flight pack voltage alarm, flight pack AMP alarm
    • Fail Safe
    • Device Select
    • All servo hold
    • Throttle stick direction
    • Stick mode: 1-4
    • XBus (Mode-A or Mode-B)

    Another Function

    • My list (custom function list)
    • Easy set up wizard
    • Touch select function
    • Telemetry data (on custom sub Information display)
    • Advance digital trim function (every flight mode)
    • SD card model memory storage
    • Back light LCD
    • Integrated charging circuit