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1. Product Model: Hornet 30A BEC

2. with 3.5mm Banana connector and XT60

3. Continuous/Burst Current: 30A/40A
4. Input: 2-4Lipo/5-12NC
5. BEC Output: BEC 5V/2A
6. Size: 30*24*8.5mm
7. Weight: 21g


 Brushless Esc For Fixed-Wing / Airplane / Helicopter Rc Racing Drone Accessories


Htirc Hornet 30A 2-4S BEC 5V/2A Brushless

  • Safety precautions:
    l Do not use battery packs that exceed the specifications.
    l Do not use inferior, damaged, cracked or bulged batteries;
    l Please install the ESC in a well-ventilated position, so that the ESC can be cooled and cooled. The ESC comes with temperature overload protection. When the temperature reaches 100 °C, the motor will immediately reduce the running speed; the temperature will automatically recover the speed when the temperature is lower than 100 °C.
    l Do not turn off the receiver when the ESC is powered on;
    l Disconnect the battery immediately after the aircraft landed;
    l Keep away from the propeller after the ESC is energized. Be careful when handling the flight and ensure that the propeller is used normally.
    l Do not connect the electronic governor to any type of power supply. And be sure to ensure the correct polarity of the NiCd, NiMH or Li-Poly battery pack;
    l Pay attention to the polarity of the battery, the wrong battery polarity will damage the electronic governor;
    l Once the motor battery pack is connected, care must be taken when operating the flight.

  • 1. The ultra-low internal resistance MOSFET adopts low heat generation and strong current resistance;
    2. Multiple protection functions such as input voltage abnormal protection, battery low voltage protection, over temperature protection, throttle signal loss protection, etc.
    3. It has two startup modes: normal startup and soft startup.
    4. It has two working modes: fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter;
    5. It can set the throttle stroke and can be compatible with various remote controls. It has ultra-smooth and precise throttle linearity.

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