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A signal hub that outputs the receiver output signal (PWM or BUS) input to the PDX16 to each port.
This is a system that stably supplies power to two receivers connected by an aircraft equipped with many servos.
Consumes in a balanced manner while constantly monitoring the voltage of each battery.

・Stable supply of connected large-capacity power directly to the servo
・Safe design with electronic switch
・Can be used regardless of wireless equipment manufacturer
・12V super high voltage compatible

*This product does not have a regulator function. When using a 12V battery, be sure to use a 12V compatible servo.

[Caution] Please do not connect a regulator between the battery and receiver.

[Contents] ・PDX16 main unit ・8ch signal cable (x2) ・E switch adapter ・Serial bus adapter (x2)
・Lead harness B150 (x2) ・Accessories ・Instruction manual


Dimensions: 2.36 x 3.54 x 0.65 in / 60 x 90 x 15 mm
Weight: 34.39 oz / 975 g
Operating voltage: 12.6V or less
Connection ports: 16Ports



・PDX16 is not a regulator.
・Please do not use the product with a regulator connected between the battery and the receiver.



PDX16 Power Distribution System


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