§  This product is exclusively for use with products incorporating XBUS Receiver.

§  Operation Voltage : 4.5V until 8.5v

§  Weight : 9g (CV1) , 11g (CV2) , 13g (CV4)

§  This product converts the Xbus signal to a PWM signal that then allows the use of normal/PWM (non XBUS) servos with XBUS system

§  This product does not have an integrated Regulator.

§  Please check the rated voltage of the target products and use proper source battery for receiver.

§  Channel (ID) setting for each output connectors must be performed by either the XBUS Channel Programmer or wirelessly from Transmitter fitted with Xbus.

§  Be sure the connector of this product is connected to the Xbus port on the  JR PROPO Xbus receiver.