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This is 2K version of S3911.


stall torque : 17.8kg-cm@6.6V / 20.0kg-cm@7.4V / 22.7kg-cm@8.4V 247.2oz-in@6.6V / 277.7oz-in@7.4V / 316.6oz-in@8.4vspeed: 0.12sec (60 degrees)weight:37.8g size:26.5mm x 15 x 33angle:120°/180° voltage: 5.4v to 8.4v


 Neutral, endpoint,gain etc(Works with PWM XBUS)120°150°180°(Works with PWM   XBUS)Synchronize(Works with PWM XBUS)
■Super steel full metal gear(Gear B brass)
■wide valtage
■ ball bearing (10x6) bottom(10x6)

■Special desigen Brushress motor

full metal gear

full metal case

wide voltage

10 pi double ball bearing

Coreless motor

CNC arm(not include)

S3911 2K Super Mini Servo SYNC



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