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Standerd Servo with XBus Programmable 

We do not recommend to use this servo for big airplane or jets.

The servo was designed for robots, or industrial purpose, so use of RC cars or small robotic toys would be perfect.


[Torque]95.4 (6.6V) / 106.9 (7.4V) / 121.4 (8.4V) oz-in

            6.9 (6.6V) / 7.7 (7.4V) / 8.7 (8.4V) kg・cm

[Speed] 0.21 (6.6V) / 0.19 (7.4V) / 0.17 (8.4V) Sec/60°
[Dimensions] 1.48 x 0.75 x 1.52 in / 37.5 x 19 x 38.5 mm
[Weight] 1.59 oz / 45 g
[Voltage Range] 6.0V-8.5V

  • Slow start function
  • Ultem Gear
  • With Ball Bearing (Single)


*Wide Voltage

* Single ball bearings

* Slow start function

* Compatible with any radio using PWM control

* XBus compatible allowing *120 to 180 deg travel

* featureYou can adjust Damping,Hold,Deadband...etc

* Do not use this servo under the different voltage other than specified

* If used on a large and Heavy control surface

*Try to adjust Damping.Hold .Dead band.Boost etc... You will set it up perfect condition.(use RX Xbus port    and Xbus TX)

S588M programmable


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